At this point, Parthiban is inundated in the sea of joy. He has received many felicitations and congratulatory messages following the successful celebration of the function with regard to the release of his book of poems. But he has forbidden the magazines from printing his poems. He does not seek popularity that way, as many poems of popular people are seeing printing light nowadays.

Whither K.S.Ravikumar is going to direct the next film of superstar Rajinikanth? Whether Thenappan is going to produce a film with Kamal Hasan in the lead role under Mouli's direction? These have become question marks, for Thenappan is going to produce a film in which Sarathkumar would star, with K.S. Ravikumar being the director.


Some more religious films are going to follow in the foot steps of palayathu amman and Pottu Amman. Their names are Veppilaikkari, Thali Kaththa Kaliamman and Nageswari. Soon we will hear more praise about Amman, the Goddess.


You will be hearing jyothika's own voice in the film "Little John", in all its versions, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. It goes without saying that she is the leading lady in that film.

Aishwarya Rai was approached initially to act alongside Ajith in a film to be directed by Ezhil. Next, Preeta Zinta was also contacted. But the attempts didn't bear fruit.

Thenali is in box-office heaven. It has fetched a collection of more than one and a half crore of rupees within the first fifty days of its run in all the districts. It has set a collection record in recent times, so to say.

Shootings were on in Ooty for the film, "Aalavandhan". Two song-cum-dance sequences were picturised there. Now the film's crew has gone to Delhi for further filming.

Previously, it seemed a certainly that Sivaji Ganesan would be acting in 'Nanda'. But the proposal was dropped subsequently. The present talk in circulation is that it would be Rajkiran in the place of Sivaji.

A team has been formed to celebrate Roja's completion of 100 films till date. People say that Roja had checkmated Pothra this way.

In Pottu Amman, as the importance given to Suvalakshmi originally was very less, a song sequence in which she took part was added in the last minute.

Ramki has broken a new ground with the successful run of 'Palayaththu Amman'. He has three films in his hands now.

Balachandar has told that the programme 'Koteeswaran' tantamounts to a gamble. This has created a fur ore in the sun TV circles.

"Citizen" has Vasundra Das as well as Anjani Thakar who has acted in 'Manu Neethi' in its cast.


Lyricist Snehithan has penned his songs for the pictures like 'Manu Neethi' and 'Kanden Seethaiyai'. He has a dozen more films to his credit. This budding poet holds Vairamuthu's poems and songs very dear.