Recently, Cinema Express held a gala function at Nehru Stadium, Chennai for giving its annual awards to many film personalities. The readers of 'Cinema Express' magazine have selected the artistes to be honored with the awards of the evening. Therefore, the list of award-winners was kept as a close secret.

The lights were flashing. It was a glowing evening. The function started off in a fine fashion with the dance programs in which certain leading actresses of Tamil Cinema gave some dazzling numbers. Swarnamalya, bubbling with her youthful exuberance and Nazar with his studied a acumen compared the award giving celebrations.

Ajith was adjudged as the best actor for his performances in the films "Vaali" and "Amarkalam". After receiving the award, Ajith declared: "Had I known beforehand that I would be receiving this award against two films, well, I may have arranged for the release of these films in two consecutive years so that I might have received two awards for these films. Visibly the stylish actor was in a happy frame of mind.

Simran won the actresses' crown for her bit in 'Vaali'. While acknowledging the receipt of her award she gave a piece of her mind. "I may not have this far, but for the solid support of my parents. I want to dedicate this award to them".

"Vaali" won may bumper prizes. It was for that film Vivek too won his award. During his acceptance speech, the comedian spoke in lighter vein, as is his wont.

"This award is really meant for my fans who have assembled throughout this large venue. As it would take a very long time to make a beeline to this pulpit, I myself would receive this award on their behalf". Small wonder his fans echoed his enthusiasm with their spontaneous applause. As usual, Vivek stole the limelight during this function also.

Vairamuthu received the award for the best lyricist. "It gives me immense pleasure to get awards year after your. But when I get down from the pedestal, the hands feel the weight of the award and the heart grows heavy with the responsibility of sustaining the success forever. It is not that hard to hog the limelight. But it is very hard to remain in the top spot. It is a tryst against various odds;" he opined.

It was a bonanza of a function. Dev Anand, the evergreen Hindi film hero of yesteryears, received at his ripe age, the award of 'The hero of the century' from the hands of eminent director K.Balachander. Dev Anand is a multifaceted personality. He is an actor, producer, Director and a scriptwriter, all rolled into one. He wants to go on and on. He has many more dreams. He still motivates himself. When Ajith and Raghuvaran touched his feet seeking his blessings, he greeted both of them from the innermost recesses of his heart. The function bridged the gap between age and youth. It was a great sight to see the North shaking hands with the South!

It all filled the minds of the discerning with unadulterated joy. It was a colorful, gorgeous are festival, to put it in a nutshell.

The details of awards are stated below.

Categories Awardees Films
Best Actor Ajitkumar Vaali, Amarkalam
Best Actress Simran Vaali
Best Picture Sethu
Best Director Vikraman Vaanathaipola
Best Music Director Deva Vaali
Best Cinematography Rathnavelu Sethu
Best Lyricist Vairamuthu Countless Pictures
Best Villain Raghuvaran Mudhalvan
Best Stunt Director Jackuvar Thangam