• Actors - Ramki, Senthil, Vivek,             Saranraj

  • Actress -Meena, Divyaunni

  • Direction -Ramanarayanan

  • Music -S.A.Rajkumar

  • Production -Sri Thenandal Films

You will surely find out where from the theme of the story is grabbed if you are a daily newspaper reader. So 'Palayathamman' is a true story which has been changed to Ramanarayanan's range and filmised.

Ramki and DivyaUnni are a couple. Their child by chance fell into the Hundi of a temple one day. The temple management claimed the child as the property of the temple. Ramki and Divya Unni stubbornly refuse to part with their child and leave away the place. The heartbroken goddess Meena herself goes in person to bring back the child. This is the story.

Meena stayed away from eating non-vegetarian food for a few days, as she acted as the Goddess in this film. Formerly, Ramanarayanan was used to make his films within limited parameters. Based on the graphics success of the film 'Amman', he is now forced to use Graphics in this film.

Vivek , is acting in Yagava Munivar's get-up in this film. The film unit says that, he delivers a long dialogue as in the films of olden days, and would draw the applause from the audience.

Both Ramki and Divya Unni strongly believe that this film would create bright future for them. Meena glitters more because of the effect of graphics in this film.

'Palayathamman' is a film taken with the full faith only on lidies.