• Actor - Sarathkumar, Raghuvaran, Prakashraj

  • Direction - S.A.Chandrasekar

  • Music - Deva



S.A.Chandrasekar has this to say about his film, 'Dosth': "The hero can be equated to a leopard. He is caught between a lion and a tiger."

The three some, Saratkumar, Raghuvaran and Prakash Raj are thick friends with different traits. One of them wants to follow the right and straight-forward path. The second one thinks that he can do anything for the sake of amassing a large fund of money. They are diametrically opposite to each other. The third friend has a different angle of looking at things. He is a very contented guy. The story of 'Dosth' depicts the ways in which their friendship is affected by certain incidents that take place in their lives.

Both S.A.Chandrasekhar and Sarathkumar are supporters of D.M.K party. They should therefore have an abundant love for Tamil. Then why is it they have given a Hindi title to the film 'Dosth'. On enquiry some truths came to light. Shoba Chandrasekar had directed a film with the Tamil title, 'Nanbargal'. Vijay has also acted in 'Friends', a film with an English title. So now it is the turn of S.A.Chandrasekar to give a title. And he has chosen the Hindi title, 'Dosth'.

The story has been brewing for the past three years in the mind of the director. Now he has come across a proper production company and a fitting hero. So S.A.Chandrasekar has stepped into the directional arena with a story based on his pet subject, law.

The present-day films are hero-oriented ones. All the other characters are completely powerless. But there are three famous actors in this film. As the story revolves around those three able actors, there is every chance for this film to be a grand feast for the lovers of histrionics.