In the west, Abbot and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin reigned supreme alternately, as comic paris. Koundamani and senthil ruled the roost for quite a long time in Tamil films. As of now, it is the turn for Vivek and Vadivelu to ride on the wave of success, phenomenal at that. The low budget films have all their stakes only on them. The duo proves to be a sure-fire success. They attract the attention of the audience and the distributors alike comedy is the order of the day.

Of late, Vivek has become the hot property of the Tamil film industry. People are enamored after the way in which he delivers his dialogues of a scolding nature. His demeanors mannerisms and acting capabilities are very much likeable to the filmgoers. The felicity with which he wins the hearts of the viewers is telling. The audience receives him well with a thunderous applause! As an actor, he has improved by leaps and bounds. He has reached the pinnacle of glory, by all means. In his own right, he has become a powerful force. Beyond all doubts, he exercises his magnetic spell on the mindsets of his fans.

During the recent conference held by the producers, the issue of the amount of remuneration claimed by him was taken up for discussion. One producer exclaimed that Vivek is demanding a huge amount, which is more or less equivalent to that of a hero's honorarium. But as Vivek is in terrific form as on date the producers did not make bold to take any decision against the interests of Vivek. Obviously, they don't want to upset the applecart at the present inopportune moment.

A distributor gave his opinion on Vivek as follows:

"The distributors gave good prices for certain films recently released such as "Budget Padmanabhan" and "Palayathu Amman", because Vivek has figured in them. For all practical purposes, he is the present days' cynosure of attraction. He is a luck bringer, the mascot of Tamil films. Not low budget film can dream to have a decent run of success without his comic effects. Truth to tell, he is an indispensable proposition for the small time producers of Tamil films".

The times are not that good for our actresses. Now only Roja has come out of her dire straits. As we are forgetting the Roja episode slowly, we find another actress who has fallen on evil days. The court has passed a stricture against the interests of Simran.

Recently, Simran immersed the hearts of the viewers as she danced in the 'Star night' programe at London. But she had left the Telugu film producer Devi Prasad in the lurch it looks like.

Devi Prasad, the producer of 'Mirugaraju', could not swallow the act of Simran in preferring her dancing programe at London than her participation in the shooting of his film. He has given the advance due to her.

As he moved the court, the tribunal gave its verdict to the effect that Simran ought to complete her commitment to 'Mirugaraju' in all respects, first and then only she could in any other film.

When contacted to obtain her opinion on this matter, Simran keeps mum. Is it fear or irritation that prevents her from opening her mouth?

Yesterday, it was "Thenali". Today, it is "Aalavandhan". Tomorrow, it would be a film under the direction of Mowli. The luster of Kamal is increasing, day after day. And Rajini remains irksomely silent. The Tamil film world seems to wilt under this stress.

Probably, Rajini hitherto confined himself to a well-earned rest, as a result of the weighty issue of the kidnapping of Kannada film legend, Rajkumar. Now that the thespian has been released by Veerappan, he may have second thoughts about launching his next film. Words are around that he is confiding to his close friends that the puja for his oncoming film can be held in the month of January 2001.

It is said that even a one-line story has been made ready for his ensuing movie. But it would be a bid headache for him to select the director for his picture. Each renowned director has a film in his hand for the present and he has to do full justice to his current commitment before turning his attention to Rajini's film, hence the confusion of Rajini.