An Interview with Actor

The Movement of time is so swift and strong.

There was a 'Barasakthi' for Sivaji Ganesan.

Kamal had his turn around with 'Pathinarru Vayathinile'.

And it was 'Mullum Malarum' in the case of Rajinikanth.

Really some pictures bring about transformations in a great magnitude. They change the very course of the lives of the central actors in those films. They are so powerful.

'Sethu' also has brought about a metamorphosis.

It has given a new lease of life to Vikram at a time when he was about to leave for America, lock, stock and barrel, losing all hopes of making it big in the film world here. Today he is acting as a hero in fifteen films.

This sensational and tremendous turning point in the life of the actor indicates that he has lucky moles all over his body. No doubt, Vikram has come a long way in giant's strides.

He talks on and on about the film, 'Dil'. He is growing to be a stiff competitor to Kamal Hassan. He has planned to wear different kinds of make-up in all his successive films. We are in to witness many Vikrams in the times ahead.

We had a rendezvous with him on an enchanting evening, stealing time when he was engaged in dubbing his voice for 'Dil'.