Piriyatha Varam Vendum

  • Actor - Prashanth, Manivannan, Vaiyapuri, Janakaraj, Krishna, Jomol

  • Actress - Shalini, Manorama, Ambika, Kovai Sarala

  • Story, Screenplay, Dialogue and Direction - Kamal

  • Production - Nigila enterprises

  • Music - S.A. Raj Kumar

  • Lyrics - Vairamuthu

  • Editing - K. Rajagopal

Kamal, a front-ranking director of Malayalam films, has a successful record of 22 films out of the 23 films made by him. For the first time, he is setting his foot in Tamil film world, with the picture, "Piriyadha Varam Vendum".

The film is just the re-make of the Malayalam film, 'Niram'. Niram had a successful run for 175 days. Shalini had given her content to act in the Tamil version of the film in the event of its success in Malayalam. As such, she would be figuring in 'Piriyadha Varam Vendum' also.

The following incidents would help one understand the story of the film.

Prashanth and Shalini are college-mates. Close to each other, they are used to go to the college together in a two-wheeler. They live in houses opposite to each other. The parents of both are also friends by themselves.

Prashanth likes Shalini very much. He rejoices in gossiping with her. Although he likes to spend time with, he does not fall in love with her. But Shalini is in love with him and is serious about it. She was waiting for the appropriate time to express her love for him.

Soon the occasion comes in the shape of the anniversary celebration of the colony in which they reside together. Prashanth asks her to sing a song at the function. Making use of the opportunity Shalini renders a song in which she express her love for him.

But Prashanth just takes her song as an ordinary love song without any implication in it. He did not recognize it as a message of her love at all. But Shalini is not for giving it up. She bides time awaiting another suitable opportunity to made her mind known to him.

After a while, Prashanth's parents search for a girl for him. One day, the girls people come to his house. Shalini's heart breaks on coming to know this.

Whether Prashanth married the girl selected by his parents? Whether Shalini succeeded in her love for Prashanth? We will know the answer for these questions when 'Piriyadha Varam Vendum' hits the silver screen.