Director: K.Selvabharati
Vijay,Simran, SPB, Radhika Choudhry, Vivek 

It's an 'indecent proposal' of a different kind. A foreign returned youth lives life in the fast lane and his anxious father finally persuades him to get married. The youth's condition is that it would be a trial marriage for a year, after which he would give his verdict. A girl, with a large family to support, finally agrees to the arrangement. But when a year crosses the youth decides that he has no 'feelings' for her. The one-year bride returns home, heartbroken, pregnant and the object of ridicule.

The second half is the exact reverse of the first. The youth regretting his callous behaviour repeats all that his wife had done to woo him earlier. The script is cleverly crafted with the characters voicing out whatever questions the audience had in mind. Vijay has neatly underplayed his role with Simran as the perfect foil. A clean family entertainer that with its Indian culture-versus foreign culture theme would appeal to family audiences. S.A.Rajkumar's signature tune is seen here in the hummable 'enakkoru snehithi...'.