Vanna Thamizh Pattu
  • Actors - Prabhu, Radha Ravi

  • Actress -Vijayanthi

  • Direction -P.Vasu

  • Music -S.A.Rajkumar

  • Producer -M.Krishnaswamy

Tamil Cinema has made many strides. The audience has also undergone a change of heart. But, yet some film personalities still remain unchanged. They are obstinate in upholding certain values dear to their heart forever. One such in P.Vasu

Story - Radha Ravi is dead against love. prabhu loves Radha ravi's daughter without the latter's knowledge and marries her. Then he joins in the household of Radha Ravi as a servant works acts and tries to get his approval for the marriage.

Radha Ravi accords great importance for the voice of prabhu. He asks his to sing different songs suiting to various situations on a daily basis. prabhu obliges his master most willingly to win his approbation. But, it is the entire story actually; the songs are not that sweet and pleasing. This is the major drawback of this film.

As a prisoner of circumstances, prabhu enters into wedlock with Vaijayanthi and has to work a servant. He has to play a father's role also. In his role as a songster, he becomes one with the role and emotes well. But he looks like a colossus. His appearance lets him down in each movie.

One would easily mistake Vaijayanthi for Sushmitha Sen. She simply and exactly resembles the former Miss.Universe. The other girl is Mani Chandana. The director has offered neither any scope to exhibit their talents.

We burst out laughing whenever Radha Ravi and Anandraj claim their military honors and threaten to wield guns. However, Vadivelu, the true comedian, entertains humorously and thus provides a little relief. He draws out our hearty laugh as he cracks jokes as a sleepwalker.

S.A.Rajkumar dazzles only in the song, 'Velicham Adikkuthadi'. Whereas others songs?

The story selected by P.Vasu is a well worn-out one. Hence monotony. The songs introduced as an element of difference have turned him upside down. prabhu and Vadivelu have emerged as his saviors.

Vanna Thamizh Pattu - Sorry for the Disturbance

Plus Points Minus Points

  • The fine comedy provided by the duo,
    Prabhu and Vadivelu
  • The brainwaves of vasu,
    in toto