• Actor - Prashanth

  • Actress - Sneha

  • Direction - Susi Ganesan

  • Music - Deva

  • Lyrics - Vairamuthu

It is a rare feature in Tamil filmdom to translate a novel into a film. But Susi Ganesan is different. He is making the film 'Virumbukiren' one of his novels, 'Vakkappatta Bhoomi'.

He has made the best use of the information and experiences garnered by him during the travels undertaken by him in many villages for writing his novel, in his film too.

The stormy Prashanth turns into breeze land and the breezy Sneha becomes a tempest. Love effects this transformation in them. The onus of family responsibilities weighs both of them down. On account of them they are forced to meet many dire consequences.

This is the crux of the story.

In these times when other people are concentrating on making city subjects centering on youth. Boldly, Susi Ganesan who had been a deputy to Director Mani Rathnam has banked upon a Village subject.

This year, Prashanth relies very much on this film. The world-trotter, Prashanth, has restricted himself in this film within the confines of Tamil Nadu. It is a wonder.

Sneha was booked first for 'Virumbukiren' only. But 'Ennavale' has overtaken 'Virumbukiren'. Stills bear testimony to the fact that Sneha has a unique to role to play in her very first film.

K.V.Anand, Deva and Vairamuthu have an acquitted themselves very well in their respective fields. Hearty congratulations to them! Till now K.V.Anand was associated with fantasy films. He has brought out the beauty of a village to light in various angles, in this film.

Deva and Vairamuthu have created the sweetness that is created by two anklets, worn by a girl, in the songs of the film.

The film has a different type of village theme. It has choice locations and an efficient technical team. All these things compel us to see the film as early as possible.