Tamil Cinema 2000

The year 2000 has taken leave from us. But the first year of the new millennium will remain etched in our memory for a long time, as it had produced many interesting incidents, twists and turns in Tamil filmdom. No wonder that the year had created ripples among all the film personalities, the actors, the actresses, the directors and the producers and the ilk.

The year witnessed 69 directly produced Tamil films and 96 pictures dubbed from other languages.

Out of the 69 straight Tamil films, the pictures Vanaththaippola, Kushi, Vallarasu and Tenali may be named as the films that have been much appreciated by the audiences.

At the start of the year, 'Sethu' drew a pleasant surprise with its stunning success. The sole strength behind the success of that film was the total support of the magazines and also this picture has gifted a wonderful director to Tamil Cinema, Bala! Vikram was another meritorious present given by the film.

Vanaththaippola was the very first Tamil film of the year. The movie scored an astounding success because of the fine screenplay of Director Vikraman. Doubtlessly, vikraman knows the pulse of the audience. He is in the know of things as to the likes and dislikes, the strength and the weaknesses of the audiences. The magnificent victory of the film fetched four times of profit to the producer alone.

Kushi, vallarasu and Tenali which followed suit took the heroes who acted in them to the Zenith of glory. Out of the six films released on Deepavali day, four films achieved success. This gave cause for joy to the viewers and the filmdom alike.

And twelve films which did not bank upon love as their central theme were able to prove as box-office hits was a welcome sign. This feature spreaded awe and wonderment among the members of the film fraternity. The Twelve great films were Vanaththaipola, Thenali, Mugaveri, Vallarasu, Ennamma Kannu, Vetri Kodi Kattu, Maayi, Bharathi, Priyamanavale, Palayaththu Amman, Snehithiye and Puratchikkaran. Tamil film world has definitely created a record of sorts by making twelve films that did not revolve around the oft-beaten theme of love.

One wonders whether the birth of the year 2000 is meant just for the sake of Jothika. She stands head and shoulders above the other actresses, at this point of time. Year 2000 saw four successful films of hers in Kushi, Mugavari, Tenali and Snehitiye. In everybody's view, she is an actress endowed with extreme talents and amiable beauty. The popular support has enabled her to grow from strength to strength.

The year has been very auspicious to the actors in general. It has brought fame and fortune to quite a few of them. By giving two super-duper successes, Vijayakanth has increased his salary to the maximum extent. It is prime time for him. Kamal, Vijay, Ajit, Sathyaraj, Prabhu, Prashanth, Madhavan and Vikram have are given one successful film at least and very same actors have also given a flop each.

Simran and Meena have not increased their fame further in the last year. Of Course, no film has let them down either. The character of 'Chellamma' in Bharathi has boosted the image of Devayani to a very great extent. Parthaen Rasiththen has given a new lease of film life to Laila. At the moment, she remains as one of the busiest actresses.

As far as the directors are concerned, S.J. Surya and Charan have attained valuable successes. They are unknown to failures so far. With 'Alai Payuthe', Manirathnam has returned to his path of success. He can take pride in launching Madhavan as a star who has become the dream boy of many girls. As he rides on the wave of success, he has turned his eye now on making a film in Hindi. K.S. Ravikumar who has become a producer with the advent of Tenali has proved his all-round mettle beyond doubts. Verily, he is a multifaceted personality. Despite not producing any big hits, cheran and vasanth continue to hog the limelight. Still they are being felicitated in appreciation of their earnest efforts.

It is in the last year Vivek had reached the apex of fame hither to unreached by any other comedian. Beyond doubt, he will continue to crack his wits in a wise manner in the current year also.

The music directors who reign supreme are Deva and S.A. Rajkumar. It gives immense pleasure to all that Ilayaraja has once again carved a niche for himself in the movies, Sethu and Bharathi.and A.R.Rahman has stepped into Hollywood this year which is good sign for him and Kollywood.

Year 2000 has given a new ray of hope to the producers too many small subject films have attained fair successed during the year. As many of the successful films relied on weighty stories they proved to be boons not only for the producers but also for the viewers.!

Last year, the Tamil film industry chanced to meet with many mirthful incidents. But all was not bliss! There were some bitter, deplorable episodes too.

The enmity that erupted between the actors and the producers during the fagend of the year 2000 gave cause for concern. The animosity that existed between the two sections of filmdom came to light.

The year became remarkable by the conspicuous absence of the pictures of Rajinikanth and Shankar.

V.C.D s ruled the roost with their unprecedented success during the last year. The year witnessed the successful runs of certain programmes such as Siththi and Koteeswaran in the small screen.

The year marked the arrival of some new directors, new actors, new actresses, new lyricists. It was boom time for new talents in various fact and spheres of filmdom. Some of the newcomers were able to dazzle too. Let us welcome the times to come warmly, with the hope that the sincere labour and imaginative powers of the already experienced and established personalities of the industry combined with the youthful exuberance and avant garde expertise of the newcomers put together would spell a grand future for Tamil cinema as a whole.

Let us analyse in parts the further details about "Tamil Cinema 2000".

                                                                                    [to be continued.....]

To put a full stop to various controversies, Ajith gave two stills from his film 'Citizen' to the media people, last week. In the press meet followed soon after, he gave the following clarifications.

"I would be appearing in nine different get-ups in the film, including that of a senior Citizen. It takes nearly six hours for me to be made up as an elderly person. I had been reaching the shooting spot as early as 1.30A.m for the morning (7A.m) schedule. Although it looked simple in the beginning for me, the actual experience proved to be a grilling one in due course. It seems I have undergone a through transformation for even my parents could not recognize me though I was with them for twenty minutes at a stretch.

I expect four national awards in the minimum for this film. I am very firm in that opinion. It would be a different film altogether and would make its grade as another Indian. I am pretty certain about that.

Everybody questions me why I am acting in the films directed by new faces alone. I can't deny that there were days in which I dreamt of acting under the direction of Manirathnam and Shankar. But the reality is this. I have grown up to this level with the help of the directors who were all first timers actually."

Kodambakkam predicts that "Mister Naradhar" would turn out to be a sure success. They say that the films is having three strong points to boot. They are Sathyaraj, deep dialogues and good comedy.

The director Sakthi Chidambaram feels that no other hero would have taken up the role that has been donned by Sathyaraj. He showers praise on Sathyaraj for he had faced up to a real challenge in this way. Sakthi Chidambaram is well known for wielding a powerful pen. At present he has a prestigious image on the strength of his writing skills. Today's stars are very particular in having meaningful story, powerful dialogues and lilting lyrics in the films they are acting in.

There is a grievance for the Surya Camp. "In the publicity made for the film 'Friends', due importance is not paid to Surya!". This charge has caused agitation among the Vijay team.

A Vijay fan gave vent to his feelings: "Advertisement is the soul of any business. It is more so in the field of cinema. There is nothing wrong in according prominence to Vijay and Devayani in the advertisements for the film. Are they not more popular than Surya? The main purpose is to lure the viewers and the distributors. Despite all this, the stills of Surya have found place in certain advertisements. The Surya group should not forget that. Their accusation is baseless!"

His reply is self-explanatory an tantamount to settle the issue at rest. We sincerely with that both wings should be friendly in keeping with the title, "Friends"!

Vijayakanth fans would be an elated lot on the ensuing Pongal day with the release of 'Vanchinathan'. Many rumours are in the air about the story and the dialogues of this film. There are rumours are in the air about the story and the dialogues raise a protest against the ruling party. So, a press meet become necessary for a producer of the movie in which he categorically denied all the accusations against the film and its content.

There is a pressing need for Vijayakanth to score a victory in the film. He is doubly caution after the defeat of 'Simmasanam' at the box-office. So he has evinced earnest interest in the story and dialogues of his next film. Liaquat Ali Khan has penned powerful, fiery dialogues on certain social problems, it is told. This film's expenditure far exceeds that of the previous Vijayakanth movies. The sale proceeds from this film also have bettered those of the earlier Vijayakanth starrers.

Kaja Mohideen, the producer affirms that the able direction of Shaji Kailash of Malayalam films fame would attract the attention of the audiences in full. It seems the director has picturised the scenes keeping the editing techniques and the background music in his mind.

At long last, they have named the Vijay starrer, which is actually a re-make of Telugu film, 'Thambudu' as 'Bhadri'.

For the film, a set in the shape of a Computer town has been created at Vauhini studios. The Dishnet D.S.L built at the center with a sophisticated commercial complex around it there has become a cynosure of attraction. Art Director G.K. takes the credit for the installation of that mammoth structure. What is the necessity for such a gigantic set?

Vijay, a student in an Arts College evinces acute interest in knowing about Internet. The Dishnet center fascinates and captures his fancy. But his financial status prevents him from having access to the Dishnet center. But Vivek and Dhamu come to his rescue by extending their support to him. Vijay's thirst for Computer Knowledge is quenched by their valuable, timely help. The about set at Vauhini Studios is there to picturise Vijay's tryst with the Dishnet expertise.

None would have forgotten so soon that V.Sekhar had released a successful film called "Viralukkeththa Veekkam". Drawing inspiration from the phenomenal success of that film, Mohan, the famous editor of eighties, remade the film in Telugu. The Telugu version became a super-duper hit. The unexpected financial success of the editor turned producer has emboldened him to bunch his next production. His next film would be directed by his own son who has a DFT to his credit.

The film unit of Vanchinathan has gone recently to Newzealand to picturise tow song sequences there.

The unit members are highly elated by the unassuming way in which the hero, Vijayakanth, moved with them all. He did not insist for an exclusive car for him to reach the location of shooting. He was prepared to travel in the very same vehicle in which the other crew members of the film made their way to the spot of filming. This gesture has touched the heart of all concerned including the film's producer.

Sri Raja Rajeswari is one more movie which is going to be released soon to sing the glory of Amman, the Goddess. The distributors have pinned their hopes on Ramya Krishnan who sent down jilter's allover south India with her powerful portrayal of the goddess in the film, 'Amman'. With a view to earn a high revenue equivalent to that of 'Palayaththu Amman', Sri Rajarajeswari would feature graphics scenes for half an hour. There would be a lengthy song containing 166 different names of Amman also. One would be able to see Bhanupriya and Sangavi also in that film after a long gap.

One could count the number of films directed by him with his fingers. But he has not met with failures so far in his two directorial ventures. He had gone to Hyderabad to remake one of his Tamil films. He is very fond of a heroine of his remake film. That heroine is now acting in a Tamil film also. This director is known to wait for the actress in her shooting spots in a 'kushi' mood even for three, four hours.

The Kodambakkam people opine that the twosome will declare their love for each other.

Prashanth has invited all the press reporters to his office to greet them on the New Year's day. Moving freely with all who had assembled there, he spoke very high of his next film, 'Star'.

"I am very confident of the sure success of 'Star'. I am appearing in two different get-ups in that movie. Rahman has scored a different kind of music for the film. There are some miniature songs also in the picture. The audience would surely be provided with a brand new experience through that movie" he proclaims with a smile ever lingering on his lips. "Six of my films are awaiting their turn for release. After fulfilling my commitment to those films, I want to do an action movie!"

"To get the chance, the next halt for the actresses from mumbai who land down at Chennai airport is your residence, they say. Whether the news is true?"

A heartily laugh was the answer of the prince of love.

With the release of his book of poems, 'Kirukkalgal', Parthiban has made a giant leap into the next big stage of his life, so to say.

Parthiban has garnered fantastic fame from the book written by him to say the least.

The invitation itself was a work of high imagination. It compelled us to preserve it for ever.

The book's lay-out, get-up, content and the photographs have caught the imagination of many wise men from all walks of life.

The book release function was a signal success. It was a gala gorgeous glittering artistic function to put it in a nutshell.

The depiction of the function in the small screen was done with sincere involvement. Parthiban had applied his mind in Toto in every single detail. The programme glued all eyes to the television.

Parthiban has earned a lot of fame with the release of his very first book of poems. He is riding on the wave of fame as it is. So he has started to do the preliminary works for directing his next film.

"Hello! Won't you understand at all? I don't have any dates to spare for you. Please bear with me."

The receiver is put down.

Another phone call. "Hullo! Sorry. I don't have any dates to give to you. Excuse me…."

This has now, become the way of life for Vivek. He is being pressurized from all sides by many producers. Simply, Vivek finds it difficult to give a favourable answer to them. He is so busy. At the moment, he has become the uncrowned monarch of comedy in Tamil Cinema. Last year, he had acted in nineteen films. The number would double itself during the current year, in all probability.

He attributes his phenomenal success to the hard labour put in by him over the past thirteen years. He rightfully rejoices every minute of his life which has become a success story by all means.

We pose a question to him: Are you perturbed by the fact that a few recreationary features have appeared of late on the horizon to challenge the unopposed reign of cinema as an entertainment medium?

Vivek quips sharply: "I do agree that several recreationary factors are now available alongside cinema, namely Internet, Theme Park and some attractive restaurants. The position of Cinema is unshakeable and unassailable and it will continue to be the top most entertainment media forever. Truth to tell, one cannot imagine a world without films!"

From one stage to another, Ajit is moving fast in his film life with flourishing growth. His film 'Deena' also has grown to quickly. Ajit is very happy about the release of Deena around the Pongal occasion.

'Deena' would be an admixture of action, love and family sentiments all at once. Ajit is form in his opinion that 'Deena' would cater to the needs of all sections of general public.

An important piece of news: In keeping with his habit of encouraging new talents, Ajit has come forward to give a new lease of life to Kavi Kalidas whose film, 'Unnai Kodu Ennai Tharuven' had failed at the box-office impressed as he was hearing a story from the director, Ajit had given green signal to him to proceed with the script work. Really this is a remarkable gesture from the super hero.

Boast of the week:


"In all films, my ideas go hand in hand with those of the directors concerned. Hence the successes of the movies in which I score the music. I have won renoun in Telugu filmdom as the 'Silver Jubilee music director'!"

Allegation of the Week:


"One should not trust anyone in the cine-field. Everything would be fine as long as your luck holds. Everyone will pose as a good person until you are in sound position. When a break-down struts and you fall on your ill days, you will come to know the true colours of the people around you. All of them are frauds. Everyone here is money-minded. What they worship is money and nothing else!"

Praise of the Week:

Writer Sujatha:

"Rajiv who had lent his voice to Shyaji Shinde for the film 'Bharathi' deserves to be praised. At a juncture in which the cherished language of Tamil is losing it's soft, sweet sounds, Rajiv deserves to be commended for his fine fear. He has done his job admirably well, in spite of the fact that Tamil is not his mother-tongue. Kudos to Rajiv for his apt pronunciation of the words of language alien to him. But I grow shy as I congratulate him comparing the callous way of pronunciation by our own people, the Tamil clan!"


Prashanth is going to hold a gala function in commemoration of the success of his various films. He had never celebrated any hundredth day function to hail the victories of his films in the past.

Vijay is acting in 'Badri' as a boxer. He has earmarked an unprecedented big number of 100 days by way of call sheets for the film, 'Friends'.

S.A. Rajkumar has scored very sweet music for the movie 'Anandam'. Those who enhanced to hear them have a word of praise for them.

The next film under the direction of Rama. Narayanan is Nageswari. There is a piece of comedy dished out by Vivek in the film. Sitting inside the hundi (cash chest) of a temple, he proclaims that he is a property of the temple'. Is he not making fun of the central theme of the story of 'Palayaththu Amman' itself? Strangely, it was just Rama Narayanan who had directed 'Palayaththu Amman' also. How paradoxical things are!

It is not all over with 'Bharathi'. In appreciation of the excellent histrionic talents of Shayaji shinde who had actually lived the role do Poet Subramanya Bharati, Director Ezhil has given an important role to the character actor in his next film.

Sasi, who had attracted all, by his able direction in 'Sollamale' is found nowadays in the production office of R.B.Chowdry. Soon he would be busy with the making of another Tamil film with Tarun and Sneha as the leading pair.

Chinni Jayanth did not have many films to do, last year. But now, he is having 10 pictures in his hands. He has planned to direct a film apart from co-acting in it with Vivek.

Sathyaraj rates his role in Puratchikkaran as his best so far. He loves that character more than any other character so far played by him. "I have made use of the principles of Periyar in that film. I consider that it is an achievement by itself!". 'Puratchikkaran' has done him proud. He is doubly happy about that film.

"I did not act naked in the movie 'Aalavandhan'. Will the Censor Board permit an actor to do so?" Kamal frets and fumes.