• Actors - Kamalhasan , Jayaram
             Ramesh kanna , Charlie

  • Actress - Devayani , Jyothika

  • Direction - K.S.Ravikumar

  • Music - A.R.Rehman

When K.S.Ravikumar was busy with the direction of "Padayappa", he received an invitation from Kamal . Kamal desired to act next under his direction. The seed for 'Tenali' was planted on that day. And 'Tenali' has become the much-awaited picture among the Deepavali releases.

The main attractions of this picture are as follows :-
All these factors have added to the publicity of this film. It is to be noted that K.S.Ravikumar had consulted Rajini before donning the mantle of a producer. As Kamal and Ravikumar decided to give importance to comedy, during the discussion on the story, they selected Crazy Mohan to write the dialogues.

Kamal comes from Srilanka as a refugee, that too, as a mentally deranged person. It has been dealt with in a Comic way as to how he tries to find a place in the house and heart of Jyothika . Kamal acts a different manner in this film as a fearful man. It took four months for Kamal K.S.Ravikumar and Crazy Mohan to write down the script for this film in a hilarious fashion. A rat creates an uproar in a scene for a few minutes.
The trio have offered an enjoyable comic fare.

During the shootings of this film, Jothika and Devayani were seen at loggerheads. Their mothers also fought with each other. When Meena made her appearance, the other two heroines became silent, it seems. These incidents have set a bad example in the history of Tamil film industry.

It is a matter to be welcomed that A.R.Rehman has introduced some new lyricists. But the film unit is somewhat worried, as the songs have not yet captured the imagination of the public. Anyhow, it is to be commended that each lyricists has put in his best in his lyrics.

Kamal, K.R.Ravikumar and A.R.Rehman are three pillars of Tamil filmdom. Everyone is eager to know how tasty would be 'Tenali', the feast they are going to serve on the Deepavali day.